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Photo: Merja Isokoski 

Toccata is an interdisciplinary performance by two independent artists – a pianist / composer  and a contemporary dancer / choreographer, in which these art forms intertwine with each other into a tight union – a total chimerism of music and movement.

The work is created in collaboration between the two individuals sharing the space with a grand piano, music paper and a mirror, producing music with motion and choreography with sound.

Toccata is an abstract fairytale, which can be seen as a passionate romance,
a circling of two planets around the black Helios, or a retro-futuristic piano robot with four hands and legs.

Concept, choreography, composition Kari Ikonen & Maria Nurmela

Lights Timo Ollila
Set design Jarkko Sarmaala
Trailer, photos Merja Isokoski

Co-production by Turku Theatre Foundation, Sibelius-Museum (Turku Finland)
Premiered 20.12.2015 in Sibelius Museum.

Toured in various festivals such as Novokutznetsk Theatre Festival / Siberia (2020), Manifesti Factory Festival (2019), Wäinö Aaltonen Museum Chamber Music Series (2017), Aino Acté Chamber Music Festival (2017), Lonely in the Rain - contemporary dance festival (2016) etc.

Duration aprox 40 min 

WATCH THE TRAILER BELOW                                        

"Toccata - for two dancing pianists" is a bold masterpiece created by two top-rate artists, breaking boundaries and bringing to life a performance brimming with musical and dance virtuosity. Dancer Maria Nurmela and musician Kari Ikonen flip around their artistic roles in a light-hearted way, leaving behind their respective comfort zones. The dialogue between music and dance is stretched to its very limit, creating deliciously entertaining scenes where timing and space, movement and music come together seamlessly." 
Tomi Paasonen, Artistic Director and curator of ITAK-Regional Dance Center of Western Finland, 2017.
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