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Vaellus - Auf der Wanderung

Photos: Vesa Loikas


Vaellus - Auf der Wanderung

"Vaellus - Auf der Wanderung" is a Finnish-German interdisciplinary collaboration that combines three elements into a haunting experience: the string quartet “Death and the Maiden” by Schubert, the duet choreography “Auf der Wanderung” for Finnish contemporary dancers Maria Nurmela and Teemu Kyytinen by the German dance theatre pioneer Susanne Linke (1944–) and the architecture of the performance venue. It is possible to adapt the creation to various different environments and locations.


"Vaellus - Auf der Wanderung" was premiered in 2012 at the Turku Music Festival in the Resurrection Chapel at the old cemetery in Turku. The choreography and the music followed the performers as they wandered through the environment, creating an art work in  which death and loss are experienced and then transmuted into light, hope and comfort.


"Vaellus - Auf der Wanderung" emerged in the meeting of many hopes, wishes and coincidences established by young Finnish musicians and contemporary dancers, in collaboration with the German choreographer Susanne Linke. The crew was convened by the Turku-based artists violinist Laura Kokko and Maria Nurmela.



Vaellus - Auf der Wanderung

Music: Franz Schubert

Choreography: Susanne Linke (2012)


Maria Nurmela & Teemu Kyytinen / Jyrki Karttunan, dance


Laura Kokko & Krista Jäänsola, violin

Anu Airas, viola

Teet Järvi, cello


Timo Ollila, lighting technician and designer


Premiere, Turku Music Festival, 11.8.-12.8.2012

The Resurrection Chapel, the Old Cemetery, Turku


Frankfurt Book Fair 2014

The Willy Praml theatre, Frankfurt

11th of October 2014

Weltaustellung Reformation, Wittenberg

Exerzierhalle. Bürgermeisterstrasse 10. Lutherstadt Wittenbegr

1st of July 2017


Meidän Festivaali / Our Festival

“Hiljaisuuden rikkominen”

Kera Logistic Hall, Espoo, Finland

13th of September 2017


As a part of the programm of Turku Philharmonic Orchestra official concert prgramm,

22d of August 2020


Co-Produced and supported by Turku Music Festival 2012, Turku 2011-Foundation, Goethe Institute Helsinki, Dance Info Finland, The Regional Dance Centre of Western Finland,  City of Turku,  Arts Promotion Centre Finland, TOP-Foundation, Finnish Cultural Foundation, Theater Willy Praml (Frankfurt), FILI - Finnish Literature Exchange and Embassy of Finland, Berlin, Meidän Festivaali, Turku Philharmonic Orchestra.

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