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Photo: Vesa Loikas 


Fainomenon, (in Finnish fenomenologia - manifest, phenomenon; Greek. λόγος, logos, speech, doctrine) the study of phenomena and the manifestation of reality to a person in his or her realm of experience.

Phenomenon or phenomenology is a discipline of philosophy, the study of the structures of consciousness in perceptual experience.


Fainomenon Collective: 

Choreographer & Dancer Maria Nurmela

Photograher & Film maker  Vesa Loikas

Visual & Installation Artist Saara Nurmi

Composer & Soprano Jane Sheldon

Fainomenon Collective is a group of artists whose aim is to produce multidisciplinary, multi-artistic, interactive, interdisciplinary, installation-based and participatory experiential realities for a wide range of audiences.


Fainomenon Collective work is based on imagery, embodiment, sonority, spatiality and conceptuality. The components of the works are photography, film, space scenography/installation, contemporary dance, embodiment, new music, and texts written by the team in the process. These elements overlap and intermingle in the process, forming an immersive experience for the viewer and also using some benefits of augmented reality.


The group’s first outcome was a half-hour artwork Fainomenon at the Living Room Live -instalive performances series for the Finnish Institute in Germany on 3.12.2020.


The first interactive experience laboratory performance occurred at the Bodybuilding Live Art Festival in Turku in May 2021 at the Old Manilla Distillery. In its three performances on the 14th of May 2021, the team created and experimented with a new multi-artistic and multi-layered performance language. The performance was performed live and at the same time virtually via social media channels. This 50-minute installation-like work surrounded, immersed and involved its audience in a multisensory way.


For the Porin Juhlaviikot 2022, Fainomenon Collective produced an immersive installation Fainomenon.

The installation was open at the Galleria 3H + K, 3.-18.9.2022.

The next event is planned for the year 2025! More soon!

Fainomenon Collective works with the support of The Finnish Cultural Foundation Satakunta Regional Fund, the Arts Promotion Center of Finland and in co-operation with the Regional Dance Centre of Western Finland. The Collective has received support from the Pro Manilla Foundation, Tanssin Talo Helsinki, Jenni and Antti Wihuri Foundation and the Turku Theatre Association.


Special thanks to Bright Finland for having supported the performances by providing with their performance technic.



Human bark,2021

Prelude, 2021

Sammal Hands, 2021

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